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We have contacts established with Social Services, a Community Health Care Team and Psychologists. We work closely with these teams to ensure that our residents receive the best support most appropriate to individual needs.

Residents may bring their own personal possessions into ‘Holmside’ with them, e.g. Furniture, Televisions, Radios, Pictures etc. subject to the space being available. All Electrical apparatus (e.g. Radios, Hair Dryers etc.) will have to be inspected and checked for electrical safety before being able to be used.

Visitors to Holmside are most welcome, if you are considering placing someone in residential care, we are very happy to discuss your needs to determine if Holmside will be suitable for you.

All new residents and/ or their agent, parent or guardian will be given a copy of the “Residents Guide” including the terms and conditions of residence, contained in a contract to be signed by both parties.

For all prospective long-term residents, we are happy to arrange a trial period of residence from a short weekend, so that an informal personal decision can be made and then a stay of up to three months as a settling in period.


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